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Don't buy or sell buddha

Don’t buy or sell Buddha

“It’s wrong to use Buddha as decoration or tattoo. Means no respect. Don’t buy or sell Buddha.” These billboards appeared on the main highway from Bangkok airport several years ago.


NokScoot airline’s new Boeing 777-200 anointing ceremony

NokScoot anointing ceremony to bless its Boeing 777-200 aircraft, “Proud” at Don Muang Airport. Phra Palad Itthiphol Pathanigo, the abbot of Wat Sai Mai performed the ceremony in front of NokScoot management and staff. All aircraft delivered to Thailand based airlines go through a blessing ceremony before being put into service.

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Weird Thai Sex Education poster

Very weird Thai Sex Education poster. We guess it was made by some hardcore prudes and then copied by souvenir shops as a novelty item.

Bangkok Subway Flood

Ride the subway in the time of flood

Bangkok subway (MRT) was bravely operating during Bangkok floods last year, even when surface areas around some station entrances were flooded. This poster appeared after the floods advertising MRT as a life-saving service. Although a somewhat idyllic depiction of the events, the water level in the photo appears to be accurate.

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Sleeping tuk tuk driver


It appears to have been a slow day for this tuk tuk driver in Banghlampu.

We Will Accept No Responsibility for Lost or Stolen Shoes

Spiritual well-being comes at a price…

As the capital city in a devoutly Buddhist country, Bangkok has no shortage of temples and shrines. Though, while they may offer you a chance at reaching enlightenment, they can’t promise that you’ll get your shoes back once you have it.

Gold Spirit House outside a Wooden House, Thailand.

Spirit-houses of the Upwardly Mobile

Generally, spirit houses are meant to evoke the building that they belong to- luxury hotels have elaborate shrines, financial complexes have sleek modernist spirit-houses, and upcountry homes often have theirs built in a traditional style out of wood. So does this elaborate gold spirithouse outside of a rundown wooden home suggest a desire to move […]

The Cowboy Stand, Bangkok

The Cowboy Stand

The streets and sidewalks of vendors are crowded with stands, where a wide range of vendors sell their wares. Most stands have obvious purposes: some sell tasty grilled chicken, others offer bootleg DVDs, and some sell cheap tourist t-shirts. But what does the stand topped with the giant cowboy hat sell?

The Royal Hotel, Bangkok

The (not-so) Royal Hotel

It’s unclear whether it takes it’s name from the image of the King above its entrance, or it’s close proximity to the Royal Palace. Whichever it is, with it’s faded beige walls and graying exterior, The Royal Hotel is looking anything but regal these days.